Soft Drinks and Obesity

Soft Drinks and Obesity

Soft Drinks and ObesityLDS individuals believe they’re cutting calories by drinking diet soft drink rather than sugar based drinks that are soft. What they don’t know is sugar based pop is not fattening than diet drink. Studies performed on faith in BYU and obesity shows Mormons are likely to be obese than members of other religions. You visit Utah LDS wards you could observe that of adults over 35 years old are overweight and almost 45% of LDS youth tip the scales this LDS obesity epidemic is evident.

Why is this true when Mormons subscribe to us that ought to result in lean bodies and have? Addicted to Diet Soda? Utah is among the leading U.S. States in the use of sugar and diet based drinks that were soft. Almost 60% of Utah adults drink one soft drink per day, and 8% drink one or more a day, based on a latest Utah government survey. Diet Coke is among the most famous Utah soft drinks. Beverage mugs refilled a few punch card members returning to receive their fixes, based on one company’s founder. 70% of Clients Are Mothers with Young Children according to him.

Most are mothers of young children and many come by two times a day or once to refill their 64 oz. Mugs filled with flavor enhanced Diet Coke. If you look within the vehicle you will notice that the a lot of the soft drink consumers are obese.

Why are they overweight if they are consuming just a few calories in every super sized container? Many believe their weight problem can be due to multiple pregnancies, fatigue, and stress.

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soft drink obesity studySounds logical, right? But can the culprit actually be diet soda? Diet Soda is 100 Time More Fattening Than Regular Soda – Many weight conscious men and women know that every typical can of regular soft drink contains about every hefty cup of white glucose or corn syrup and is dense in calories. Therefore, several calorie conscious consumers avoid the glucose laced drinks. They think they are cutting back calories by drinking diet soft drink instead. What they don’t know is sugar based pop is not fattening than diet drink. Artificial Sweeteners and Our Brain’s Cephalic Response. Sugar substitute confuse our bodies chemically, in accordance with the writers of the BYU researched and Word of Wisdom based, The New Neuro psychology of Weight Control diet programs.

They uncover that our brains fat regulating mechanism continuously monitors the concentration of sweetness in our blood. Sugar substitute are in least 100 times more concentrated in sweetness than regular glucose and wrecks havoc on the brain. When sweet levels become too high or concentrated our mind triggers what is called a cephalic response. When this occurs our insulin levels increase to dangerous levels, our producers of excess insulin, our cells become insulin resistant and the sugar is converted into fats stores. We get fat and fatter and our appetite for fatty and sugary food dramatically increases leading to powerful cravings.